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Time for Care Programme

Find out about the Time for Care Programme, helping practices to redesign their care and manage demand more sustainably.

If you have any queries, email CAPCCG.PrimaryCare@nhs.net

What is the Time for Care Programme?
Who is it aimed at?
Why are we delivering it?
What are the courses involved?
What support will your practice receive?
How can you find out more?
How can you sign up?
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What is the Time for Care Programme?

The Time for Care Programme was developed by NHS England in response to the ‘Making Time in General Practice’ report published in October 2015 as part of the ‘General Practice Forward View’.

This programme aims to help practices release capacity and work together at scale, enable self-care, introduce new technologies, and make best use of the wider workforce, so freeing up GP time and improving access to services.

National resources and expertise will help groups of practices plan their own Time for Care programme. This will help you use proven innovations from the 10 High Impact Actions quickly, safely and sustainably. Your programme can be tailored to meet local interests and plans.

Who is it aimed at?

 Any staff members in General Practice who want to create capacity in their practice and improve access for patients to the appropriate health services.

Practices will be given the opportunity to –

  • Update their quality improvement skills
  • Engage with their peers on local issues
  • Develop focused aims and plan projects to tackle these issues
  • Reduce pressure and release capacity in their practice

No previous quality improvement knowledge is required.

Why are we delivering it?

This initiative is in response to issues raised by local practices at workshops in 2016 where practices described challenges that impact their delivery.

It is our aim to support all member practices to engage in this programme and implement at least 1-2 of the 10 High Impact Actions, or other innovations of their choosing, to help release capacity in General Practice across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

What are the courses involved?

In collaboration with NHS England we are offering the below programmes –

Fundamentals of Change and Improvement Programme

Aim: Overview of delivering change and the application of skills to a local project
Number of sessions: 2 sessions (7hrs each)
Length of programme: 3 weeks
Delivery Dates: 4 and 18 Sep 18
Status: Closed for booking

Time for Care: Learning in Action Programme

Aim: Learn how quality improvement techniques can be used in practice and apply these to 1-2 of the High Impact Actions
Number of sessions: 6 sessions (3.5hrs total)
Length of programme: 6-8 months
Delivery Dates: 5 Sep 18, 3 Oct 18, 21 Nov 18, 23 Jan 19, 20 Feb 19 and 13 Mar 19
Status: Closed for booking

The aim of these programmes is to support practices in increasing their knowledge of quality and change improvement, engaging with peers and developing focused aims on local projects, and ultimately reducing pressures in General Practice.

Following feedback from local practices, NHS England and the CCG, we have decided to focus on the below High Impact Actions -

  • Productive Workflows
  • Reduce DNAs / linked with Appropriate Appointments
  • Partnership Working
  • Support Self-care

To find out more about how we came to this decision and what work is being done locally against each of the High Impact Actions, please see the attached slides from our recent Time for Care Engagement Event.

What support will your practice receive?

Our intention is to fund backfill for one GP and one Practice Manager to allow attendance and engagement with one of these programmes.

Practices are welcome to engage with more than one of the above programmes, however, they will only receive backfill funding for the sessions of one of these programmes.  Attendance on any additional programmes will need to be supported within the practice.

Practices who took part in Testbeds Wave 1 and/or the Productive General Practice Programme are welcome to engage with these programmes, however, there will be no additional funding support on top of that which has already received.

How can you find out more?

Our Project Team would be happy to answer any queries that you may have on the Time for Care offer.

If you are interested in the Time for Care programme offers but are unsure which programme would best fit the needs of your practice then please get in touch.  Equally, if you are interested in the Learning in Action programme but are unsure about the choice of HIAs on offer or think you might like to focus on another area then please don’t be put off entirely.  Once again, get in touch and we can talk through the options.

We are really keen to work with our practices to deliver a project that will be meaningful both for your practice and the locality as a whole.  In order to do this effectively we will need your feedback.

Fiona Holloway Parks - Project Support
Email: fiona.holloway-parks@nhs.net
Telephone: 01223 735343

How can you sign up?

If your practice would like to engage with one or more of the above programmes then please complete our Expression of Interest Form.

Please return your completed form to the Primary Care Team at capccg.primarycare@nhs.net by 20 July 2018.

After this date we will make contact to confirm further programme details and next steps.  If you have any queries in the meantime, please contact the Primary Care team at the above address.

Feedback from those who have been on the course(s)?

To see some national examples of how these programmes have made significant and sustainable improvement across the country, please read these case studies – https://www.england.nhs.uk/gp/case-studies/

Any useful links to other resources?

To find out more about releasing time for care in general practice, please visit the NHS England website - https://www.england.nhs.uk/gp/gpfv/redesign/gpdp/releasing-time/