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Primary care strategy

The CCG believes that a thriving primary care service is vital to delivering improvements in patient care, patient experience and ‘out of hospital’ care. However, primary care currently faces multiple challenges in terms of demography, workload, funding reviews, recruitment and retention.

Our vision for a sustainable future involves practices working together to engage a wide range of staff to deliver proactive, standardised and integrated care.

In our vision for care in Cambridgeshire & Peterborough, general practice will continue to provide excellent evidence-based care for our patients. It is a place where communities and patients play a fuller role in maintaining good health, and when physical or mental health is in need of support, a responsive, broader primary care team can signpost the most relevant health professional to help the patient and enable people to manage their own needs and return to their normal lives.

NHS England published the General Practice Forward View (GP Forward View) in April 2016, which commits to an extra £2.4 billion a year to support general practice services by 2020/21

Cambridgeshire & Peterborough CCG is developing a local GPFV strategy which recognises the need to ensure the foundation of general practice is sustainable, but also to build a strong primary care platform that will enable us to deliver on future STP ambitions.

Vision: Our vision for a sustainable future involves practices working together to engage a wide range of staff to deliver proactive, standardised and integrated care.

Ambition 1: Our new care model will be enabled by practices working increasingly at scale, with redesigned incentives for better ways of working.

Ambition 2: Working closely with clinicians and patients, we will redesign how care is delivered, with a particular focus on patients in care homes, patients with multiple long-term conditions, and patients with urgent care needs.

Ambition 3: We are required6 by NHS England to determine how we will improve access to primary care over evenings and weekends. We will ensure this access is used to support patients with the greatest need7, aligned to the care model above.

Ambition 4: Our workforce programme’s ambition is to support our primary care staff in working safely, through recruitment and retention, leadership development and capacity creation.

Ambition 5: We will begin by supporting the creation of capacity in primary care, finding strength and resilience by enabling practices to adopt proven methods of addressing workload challenges, and through working together more effectively. The CCG will re-prioritise its staffing to provide significant additional support to general practice from early 2017.

Ambition 6: Our strategy will be enabled by ambitious digital and estates strategies. We wish to maximise the benefits of modern information technology, and to develop a clear approach to premises investment linked to the service and provider developments above.

Ambition 7: If we take on delegated commissioning in 2017, we will focus on ensuring a smooth transition of responsibilities, and work to improve contract administration and responsive contractual decision-making.

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