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Looking after your health during pregnancy

This page is an overview of health during pregnancy with links to NHS Choices. For more specific conditions and problems, please see the tabs to the left hand side.
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Mental health

A new set of mental health leaflets offer support for mums, their families, and the teams that care for them. The eight leaflets cover a broad range of topics including postnatal depression, postpartum psychosis and perinatal OCD, and the use of lithium and antipsychotics in pregnancy and breastfeeding. They offer advice and signpost to promote better understanding and support people in making decisions about perinatal mental health issues. The leaflets have been written jointly by perinatal psychiatrists, women with lived experience of perinatal mental illness, and their partners. They have been delivered in partnership by RCPsych, NHS England and HEE.  Please ensure maternity and mental health teams in your CCG are aware of these leaflets. Further information is available on the NHS England website